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The Yeezy Tuxedo Hat – Hella Tight

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It glows in the freakin dark!!!! Awesome hat, I might have to pick one up.



I’m Done With NY Fitted Caps!!!

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Everytime… I mean EVERYTIME, I go out with my NY fitted (mall, school, walking into work) I’m bombarded with baseball comments! I don’t even like baseball (no disrespect to baseball fans lol). I’ve come to the realization that I wear hats because they look dope, not to represent a team. So from now on I refuse to wear fitteds with team logos!! These hats look like the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

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Alife Summer 2009 Everybody Mid Parachute Nylon Grid Pack

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I like the black & whites but the reds are nice too. Definitely a summertime shoe!

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2009 Nixon Watches

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Nixon New Watch

Nikon Blue

Nixon Red Watch

These look dope, I’d rock the red one on a good day.

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