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Wealthy… Not Rich

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They spinnin nigga they spinnin!!!!!


Cudder Don’t Play That

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Throw a wallet on stage… expect to get punched in the face lol.

Kanye… NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kanye West

We all know Beyonce should’ve won, but she has 9 nominations!!! For me rollin with Yeezy it’s ride-or-die… but NOOOOOO. You can’t mess with little white girls (thats a given!) I hope Ye’ can bounce back!!

From: IBN

Apple iPod Nano… Really Apple??

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Blue Nano

Orange Nano

Silver Nano

I mean it’s great that it’s got a camera on the back, but it doesn’t even take pictures! At least Apple doesn’t have a photoshop problem where they replaced a black guy’s hand with a white guy’s… or did they lol?

From: Gizmodo

Really Microsoft… FAIL!!!

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Msft Fail

Racism… why am I not suprised. That’s why I mess with Apple!!!

From: Engadget

Volcano Boarding??? – Cerro Negro Volcano

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Volcano Boarding 2Volcano Boarding 3

… White People, lol!!!

Photos From: BBC Blog

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PS3 & A Bible??

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PS3 & Bible

“Thankyou JESUS!! I got me a PS3!!!!!” is what I’d be saying if I got this lol.┬áPismo Swiete Stary/Nowy Testmanet translates to “Sacred Scripture Old / New Testament.” Wouldn’t the Bible make an awesome game, Rated T for teen!!

Photo From: Gizmodo

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