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This Ish Is Bomb… Kid Cudi Art!! (Up Up & Away)

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Kid Cudi Vector

Job well done Delinquent Color, job well done! Make sure to go pick up Kid Cudi’s new album “Man On The Moon: The End of Day”

From: Delinquent Color


On Some Futuristic Ish! – Rose Lovegrove & Issey Miyake Watch

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Who needs numbers on a watch anyway!!!

Photos From: HypeBeast & Openers

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Gulp… This Is Where I’m Getting My Yeezys!

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That guy went Solo-Dolo to the front of the line… bad idea. I know my crew would hold me down, but I’m not that stupid!!!

Video From: KanyeUniverseCity

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I’m Done With NY Fitted Caps!!!

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Everytime… I mean EVERYTIME, I go out with my NY fitted (mall, school, walking into work) I’m bombarded with baseball comments! I don’t even like baseball (no disrespect to baseball fans lol). I’ve come to the realization that I wear hats because they look dope, not to represent a team. So from now on I refuse to wear fitteds with team logos!! These hats look like the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Photo From: High Snobiety

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Nike Auto Flight

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These shoes are a good fit for today… I feel like I’m on auto-pilot, just going through the motions at school. Hopefully my day will pick up!!!

Photos From: HypeBeast

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Puma & Gumball 3000 Driving Shoe

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I don’t even like Puma that much… call it a bad childhood experience. But I’d wear these. It’s the subtle things like the orange ring on the laces, nice!

Photos From: HighSnobiety

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Getcha Some… Of This Big Sean Mixtape

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Click HERE for the Big Sean Mixtape “UKNOWBIGSEAN”

I think that after Kid Cudi blows up Big Sean is the next to shine! Getcha Some is on heavy rotation in my car right now… after Sky Might Fall lol!!

Photo From: KanyeUniverseCity

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