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Why… Defined

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whyadverbI know you’re quitting school, but why? how come, for what reason, for what purpose, what for, to what end; archaic wherefore.

I don’t know why… so I decided to define it.



C Breezy on Sesame Street.

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Can you see the signs ? This video is coo depending, how you look  at it. I can’t wait for the comeback …. they should compose a duet album chris trying to get her back, prove he’s changed and Rihanna piting her friends vs her heart. Think millions …..if only i was their manager.

I’m your guy ,Cheuh!!

Nothing but positive thoughts and  well wishes go out Chris and Robyn.

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Kanye’s Black Jesus Piece

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Who has one? Kanye West. Who wants one? THIS GUY!!

Black Jesus Piece 1Black Jesus Piece 2

These are some Not-So “Black Jesus Pieces”…

Not So Black Jesus PieceThe FERRARi MURAKAMi Jesus Piece

“I want to make Good Music, So it’s not about the money… But I want a Jesus Piece like Big Sean & Cudi!” – This Guy

***Click here for more of Kanye’s Jesus Pieces at his show at SXSW!!!***

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Not Sure Who’s Dumber… Hostage Or Police???

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A man looking to collect on a debt broke into the house of 60-year-old woman in Brazil’s Federal District, holding her hostage for ten hours on the business end of a Sega Light Phaser. Fortunately, the man released his hostage, unharmed, after negotiating with police.

The only light gun I’ve ever used was for Duck Hunt and Time Crisis at the arcade, i didn’t know there was one for Sega!

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Kanye West & Kid Cudi 106 freestyle

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Shout-outs to Graffiti Research Lab

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 Projecting graffiti with a laser pointer on the side of a building… crazzzy song by don carlos.. pass me the laser .

Psych… Fake Psychic. Real Detectives!

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Raised in Santa Barbara by a family of cops, Shawn possesses uncanny powers of observation honed by his police officer father, Henry, who drilled young Shawn to note even the smallest of details from his surroundings as a way of grooming him for his inevitable career in the family business. Unfortunately, when a rift develops between father and son, Shawn finds himself taking a series of random jobs instead of becoming the detective he was groomed to be. 

However, for the fun of it, Shawn makes a habit of calling in tips to the police about cases he reads about or sees on television, and when one of his tips appears too close to the truth, the police are convinced that Shawn is an accomplice and arrest him. 

Using his charm and well-tuned talent, Shawn convinces the cops that he’s actually a psychic, and although highly skeptical of his explanation, they hire him to help solve tough cases. With the reluctant assistance of his best friend Gus, Shawn uses his skills of observation and charismatic personality to become the detective he was trained to be, opening his own PI agency – Psych – and solving cases for an ever-suspicious, but grudgingly impressed, police force.

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