Welcome To The Place I Call “Home Sweet Home!”

Fail Rochester, FAIL!!!

Video From: Allhiphop

Post By: This Guy


2 Responses to “Welcome To The Place I Call “Home Sweet Home!””

  1. The secret revealed: they never had chicken!

    – Lora

  2. i. LOVE this!!!

    popeye’s was like the first thing i tried when i came to america. australia does NOT compare when it comes to friend chicken. and although i felt like my heart was telling me ‘please don’t’ my stomach was like yes yes yes. it’s my monthly guilty pleasure. y’all diss me when i say POP-eyes instead of parp-eyes but that’s okay! i still love your chicken.

    if i’d been nursing a popeye’s craving all day and rock up to a drive thru to find that lo and behold they’re OUT i’d lose my nuts too!

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