New Charles Hamilton Video “Loser”!!

Charles Hamilton

Click on the pic to check out Charles Hamilton’s new video “Loser”!!!

And no, do not adjust your screens… This font IS VERY PINK!!!

Video From: XXLMag

Post By: This Guy


One Response to “New Charles Hamilton Video “Loser”!!”

  1. The HYPE that Charles Hamilton SALES/showcases in his music, seems kind of cool but OK. The attached Sonic the Hedge Hog theme, with the school boy poetry “look”…is cool but in the end—-just typical. Everyday new artist….

    I don’t like when FRESH NEW hip hop artist take their talent and then FLOOD it with unnecesary profanity and WEAK versions of “I’m the THANG”….and in the end its NOT even working. He’s like going on and on, and it’s like “…Um, where’s the “story”, the ????? ok.”.

    I’m probably the only one, who feels Charles is overrated in MOST ways, he appears to be a weak mixture of John Legend & 88 keys twice removed. I like the AMBITION but…’s just….I’m followin, but gettin LOST in the same time.

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