Charles Hamilton’s Feature In The Source

Yes its Charles Hamilton… So I Post In Pink!!!!!

To read the rest of his article buy the magazine or check out his blog HERE

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2009 – Charles Hamilton 


…However, its not the facts, but his beliefs that tend to shake things up. He believes that God is a woman; he believes that wearing the color pink makes him feel closer to her. He believes the term hipster is an insult. “[Get the] Fuck out of my face with that hipster shit,” he says at the thought of being considered one. “Fuck the hipster movement; fuck anyone who is proud to call themselves a hipster. Whatever, I’m not making fad music.”…

…“The Pink Lava Lamp is about two or three years old — the darkest period of my entire life. There’s songs on there where I was dead-ass shooting up in the booth,” he says fidgeting with his phone. “One of people’s favorite songs on there called ‘Shining,’ is actually a suicide letter. Like I said, I was born with more songs than trades/wrote a song a day/no childhood like Jon Benet. I was gonna leave it up on the computer. Niggas was gonna walk in, hear the song and then the news.” But when his manager came in early and went crazy over the track, Charles had a change of heart. “[I was] Like, ‘I’m out. Fuck this life shit.’ But people loved ‘Shining,’” he says with a note of surprise. “So I said, ‘Fuck it, why not stick around?’ That’s how real this album is for me.”…

Text From: Charles Hamilton

Post By: This Guy


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