Thirsty?? I Didn’t Think So!!!

Apple JuiceCranberry Juice

Hey all that juice has to go somewhere…
Photos From: Donkey Products

Post By: This Guy

One Response to “Thirsty?? I Didn’t Think So!!!”

  1. Heyyy :O).

    I was going to post this a small while back, then after seeing the “complete” stor conveyed behind it, I felt it was interesting but like..”Um, really?!” I was thinking about the several drinks that would actually BLEND in with the glass colour…say; Apple Juice and Kool-aid…but the concept of the design, draws an “Hm,, not sure”.

    Oh and people really DO read blogs…I DO 🙂 Most times if I don’t say anything on a person’s blog, it’s not because I don’ t want to, rather sometimes I just like to set back and admire their “styles&trends”

    I usually read your blog 🙂 Peace.

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