So for all you iPhone/iTouch users out there who are looking for a sick dock I have the perfect solution for you. The PED3! Although it is a little pricey (39.99) it’s one of the coolest docks I’ve seen out there because I’ve been looking for one seeing how Apple decided not to supply a dock with the 3G like they did the first generation iPhone. The only downside to this dock is that it doesn’t have any inputs or outputs on it, but who needs those when you can already turn the phone to the side in the dock and watch a video right there and you can always plug your headphone jack right into the iPhone so there’s no need for those! Anyways check this dock out! 


  • Rotate dock 360 degrees
  • Two angled positions
  • Cable Management
  • Rubber coated metal grips allow full use of ports/controls
  • All solid steel construction for weight
  • Baked on hard anti-scratch coating
  • Supports iPhone 3G and Original, iTouch 1st and 2nd gen

Post By: That Guy


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