Mac Vs. PC



I drool every time there is a new Mac announcement. The thought of a new Apple product drives me crazy with anticipation. Does that make me an Apple fanboy? I guess it does, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been forced to use PCs for the majority of my life. Elementary, High school, and Colleges all over the country have computer rooms with rows of PCs… and then there’s always the Mac lab with like 20 Apples for digital design or music production. WHY DO I HAVE A MAC?? Simple, it does everything I need it to do & does it well. WHY DON’T I USE A PC?? Simple, I don’t like them, they smell like bologna. Oh wait, wrong reason. I mean there’s nothing wrong with PCs: they’re affordable, most people use them, and selling them paid for my Mac. I didn’t buy an Apple because I like paying for expensive shit (although I have a tendency of doing that). I bought it because I wanted something different, something that not too many people have. So when you see me with my Mac bigging it up to the world, its because I want people to think out side the box…The big aluminum box that holds their motherboard, ram, disc drives, graphics card, & Windows Vista operating system. (oh Vista!)

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