The Yeezy Tuxedo Hat – Hella Tight

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It glows in the freakin dark!!!! Awesome hat, I might have to pick one up.



Wealthy… Not Rich

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They spinnin nigga they spinnin!!!!!

Cudder Don’t Play That

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Throw a wallet on stage… expect to get punched in the face lol.

When A N… Blow Up They Gon’ Build Statues For Me…

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This is how I feel sometimes… I want to curse out the world because they don’t believe in me. Kanye worked so damn hard to get where he’s at and it kills me when people put him down for feeling himself (no homo). I think this was the perfect post to come back on lol.

Kanye… NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kanye West

We all know Beyonce should’ve won, but she has 9 nominations!!! For me rollin with Yeezy it’s ride-or-die… but NOOOOOO. You can’t mess with little white girls (thats a given!) I hope Ye’ can bounce back!!

From: IBN

This Ish Is Bomb… Kid Cudi Art!! (Up Up & Away)

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Kid Cudi Vector

Job well done Delinquent Color, job well done! Make sure to go pick up Kid Cudi’s new album “Man On The Moon: The End of Day”

From: Delinquent Color

Futuristic Kicks!!!

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The shoe of the future… Probably more available than the Yeezys! (Yeah, I’m still sour about that!)

From: Gizmodo